Holy Week

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Please feel free to use the downloads below in church on your devise during one of our Easter services.  Click on the text you would like to download.  We wish you a blessed Holy Week.

  1. Bridegroom Service Sunday Evening
  2. Bidegroom Service on Monday Evening Matins of Holy Tuesday
  3. Bridegroom Service on Tuesday Evening Matins of Holy Wednesday
  4. Presanctified Liturgy of Holy Wednesday
  5. Holy Wednesday Evening Holy Unction with Hymns from the Bridegroom Service
  6. Vesperal Liturgy on Thursday Morning Vespers of Good Friday
  7. Service of the Twelve Passion Gospels on Thursday Evening
  8. Great Hours on Friday Morning
  9. Removal from the Cross
  10. The Graveside Lamentation on Friday Evening
  11. Vesperal Liturgy on Saturday Morning
  12. The Service Before The Resurrection on Saturday Evening
  13. The Service of Matins Sunday Pascha
  14. Liturgy on Sunday Pascha
  15. The service of Vespers Holy Pascha the Agape Vespers Service
Please note that while we will be open for Holy Week, and April generally, covid restrictions will continue to operate.  Please join our mailing list for the most up to date information.

Kali anastasi.

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