Sunday School

Every Sunday, a catechism  takes place just after Holy Communion in the small chapel of Saint Thegla for the younger members of our church community.  This Sunday School provides an excellent opportunity for children to learn the ins and outs of the Orthodox Christian faith in a fun and engaging way.

The class usually runs for 30 minutes and comes to an end, approximately, just after the nimosima (prayers for the deceased) which take place in the main church.  Children are most welcome to attend and we encourage those attending church to bring their children so to learn about our ancient and ever relevant faith.  The Sunday School is taught solely in English, as this is a common language spoken by the young Orthodox youth of this country; all types of Orthodox youth are very welcome to attend our Sunday School; we currently have children of Greek, Cypriot, Russian, English and Romanian origins who attend regularly – all are welcome.  Parents of young children attending are also most welcome to sit-in on the lesson if they wish.

We are currently accepting individuals for a second class to run immediately after the Liturgy.  This is intended to provide an opportunity for older students who want to attend catechism classes, giving them the opportunity to ask deeper theological questions and learn the practice of Orthodox theology – one which is not simply learnt, but lived.

If you are new to Orthodoxy, please get in touch and we will be very happy to teach you in the faith on a 1:1 basis.

All Sunday School parents receive priority regarding our Church Library; we strongly believe that it is both in church (the building) and the home where Orthodoxy can grow in young people.  Parents teaching their children the true Orthodox faith is something that has kept the Orthodox faith alive throughout the centuries.  We have a respectable onsite library with orthodox spiritual books that you can borrow and read with your children.

If you or your child would like to attend any one of the catechisms that we offer, please Contact the Church and speak to one of the parish priests.