Is the Church fighting Global Warming?

Our Church community is committed to both the spiritual and physical well being of all its members.  The Orthodox Church teaches that God gave us creation and commanded that we be stewards of it, (Genesis 1:28).  Therefore, we are neither to view this world as our ‘property’ – believing that we can do with it as we please, nor as an unimportant place where we simply pass through.  Please visit about the environment for detailed articles on the church’s position on the environment and to see how the church is working together with other organisations in fighting Global Warming.

20 things you can do to reduce your Carbon Footprint

  • 1. Replace a regular incandescent light bulb with a energy efficient bulb.
  • 2. Eat less meat.
  • 3. Recycle, don’t throw away!
  • 4. Turn your heating down 2 degrees.
  • 5. Install loft insulation, double glazing and other energy efficient products.
  • 6. Find your local farmer’s market and buy produce from there.
  • 7. Take a shower instead of a bath.
  • 8. Write a letter/email to your local MP asking him/her to act on Global Warming.
  • 9. Plant a tree.
  • 10. Walk or take public transport where possible.
  • 11. Car share where possible.
  • 12. Top up the oils in your car and air in your tires.
  • 13.  Fly less.
  • 14. Cover your pots while cooking.
  • 15. Buy fresh food instead of frozen food where possible.
  • 16. When it is time for a new car, buy a more fuel efficient one.
  • 17. Switch to green energy.
  • 18. Use less hot water.
  • 19.  Defrost your old freezer regularly.
  • 20. Share this list!