Events at Church


The event starts at 11:00am on 20th May 2017. The first and second phase will take place between 11:30am and 2:30pm. There will be a break until 5:00pm for rest and lunch. During this break, there will be an exhibition of food supplements, gym clothes, and other interesting exhibition stands. At 5.00pm the competition will resume with two shows: A bodybuilding guest-posing of the famous Greek Cypriot bodybuilder Dr. Zak Pallikaros and a leg-press show from Fr Savvas.

Competitors: The competition is open to anyone, regardless of age and sex. Each competitor will pay £20 fees with their application. They will need to download the Application Form fill it out completely, sign and date it and send it to the Church’s Address by the end of April 2017 (Sunday 30th April 2017) together with a cheque of £20 payable to the Greek Orthodox Community of Barnett (GOCB). They can also bring the completed form along with cash or cheque in the Church’s Offices, every day from 10am to 4pm.

The competitors will receive a card with a unique number which will be their number at the day of the competition. This card will be their entry ticket to the Church’s Hall. They will not need to pay for any further entry.

Guests: Everyone who wants to attend the event and to support Children with Cancer UK is more than welcome. There will be a £10 ticket which can be bought either from the Church at any day before the competition, or at the entrance on the day of the event.

Contact “Beat the Priest” Team

Please, give us a call at +44 (0) 20 8455 7510, or send us an email at ​ or alternatively, Contact US.


In the summer we had a community BBQ on our church grounds.  Thank you to all the volunteers.

Late last year we had a classical string quartet come to our grounds to play for our congregation.  A wonderful evening of food, music and good company.  Thank you to everyone who volunteered to get the event organised!

Last year we held a Kids Activity Day, which featured a puppet show written by Kyriacos Papasavva and music composed and performed by Keir Crawley, a Fellow of Trinity College.  Additional events followed after the show and we would like to specially thank our mothers and fathers of our Sunday School who volunteered to organise much of the afternoons events.  Details & pictures on our Facebook Group.

ChildrenMembers from our church made contact with ‘The St Barnabas Orthodox Mission’ in Kenya recently, and have been able to provide a small number of Orthodox books so to contribute to a community library in South Kinangop.  A place which does not have easy access to Orthodox spiritual books.  The Orthodox Church has been in Kenya since the 1930s, and has around 300,000 souls; all Orthodox Christians share a special faith, and love of Christ – our Lord.  Thus, it is fitting that we support our brothers/sisters in all places.

In February, our Church visited an Orthodox Monastery in Essex with children from our Sunday school.  We repeat this trip annually, and, will be going again soon.  If you would like to attend any trip that our church arranges, please join our Facebook Group where information can be easily accessed, or simply keep your ears open in church.

Early last year, the community’s call for volunteers was answered once again: members from our church community came together to paint the kitchen, and walls surrounding the Holy Altar. If you would like to get involved in this, or any other event, please contact the Church.

In January last year, our church held, for the first time in our church, ecumenical prayers, as part of Churches Together, so to pray for Christian unity.  Many communities were represented in the Golders Green area and we would like to thank all those who helped organise the event.  The Orthodox church is the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church that we read about in the Holy Bible, and we should do all we can to invite those into her communion.

Many events have already taken place so far this year, and more are still to come.  To get involved, please visit: Homepage,  Facebook, or simply keep your ears and eyes open in church for our details of our next BBQ, Youth Council Meeting, Soup Run, Trips and other upcoming events which include:

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If there is an event that is not listed above that you would like to suggest, Contact the Relevant Church Council Member, or simply approach one of the Parish Priests.

   City MissionChristmas City Mission

Potential Event Ideas:


Our parish regularly holds ‘youth activity days’ – at least once a year.  In these events children can enjoy: face painting, make your own popcorn, mini bowling, velcro darts, decorate (and eat!) your own cookies, balloon design and much more.  These events have been a great success and we would like to thank all the volunteers past and present who help with these events.  Rest assured, we will be holding a youth activity day soon and you would be most welcome to attend; keep your ears open for announcements in church or on our facebook page.  These events are suitable for the youngest members of our congregation and their parents; ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.’ – Matthew 19:14.


In the past, our parish has sent volunteers to Soup Runs in the London Victoria area.  This was first done in 2011, where some of our congregation joined forces with other orthodox youth from Saint Marks and served the homeless.  We strongly recommend that, if you wish to help in any mission towards the homeless community, that you do so via a recognised charity or organisation and not alone.  Having said that, this is a brilliant opportunity to serve the homeless and benefit yourself spiritually in the service of others.

Tavli Evening

We regularly hold fundraising events.  One of these is the Tavli tournament! (Backgammon). Our most recent event had 60 participants; last year’s proud winner, George Michael, went away with a silver trophy and Church Council member, Ahileas Constantinou, was awarded a 2nd place a trophy.

Essex Monastery

FRIENDS AND FAMILIES of our Orthodox Church regularly visit holy sites around the UK.  The Monastery of Saint John the Baptist is a favored location.  Children from our Sunday School have previously enjoyed a tour of the churches within the monastery, talks given by Sister Magdalene and others, and simply meeting other orthodox Christians who have a special love for Christ.  Congregation from our church have taken this opportunity to regularly buy spiritual and edifying books, which are now part of our Church Library, and have been donated to charities as far as Africa.  We will be visiting the Monastery again soon.  Come and see what Orthodoxy is all about; it is a way of life and not just a set of beliefs held on a Sunday.

Church Library

In 2012 we took our first steps to realising a dream identified by the first youth council meeting.  Hundreds of books have been bought from the Essex Monastery and other sources, funded by kind individuals and our Church, to populate our on site library.  It is hoped that, one day, we will issue library cards to our members so our church library can be better utilised.  For the moment, we operate a paper system.  If you would like to suggest a book that we do not have, please leave a comment on our facebook wall and we will endeavour to purchase it.