Orthodox Youth in NW London

Last year proved to be an exciting year; our church was able to expand its existing library and members of our Sunday School began borrowing book, as have other church members.  We made donations to Orthodox charities in the UK and in Africa.  Youth Activity days took place and were a great success.  Volunteering in church, including painting and visitations, and trips to monasteries were organised.  There was a Classical Music Concert featuring musicians from the Royal Academy of Music.  A Christian play was written for our church with music performed by Keir C. Crawley – a fellow of Trinity College and more publications, with the help of our young writers, were created and shared within our community.

As ever, our ambitions are high.  This year we are hoping to host even more events; come and help us make it a brilliant year for the community of Orthodox Christians in and around the Golders Green area.  If you have any ideas you would like to contribute please contact the church.

We are always looking for new volunteers!  If you would like to contribute anything to your local church community, please contact one of the Parish Priests or join our Facebook group and leave a comment.