Orthodox Youth in NW London

Once again, our church had a fantastic year last year.  The onsite library continues to grow and is being used.  The church holds, every year, an onsite classical concert and a regular Sunday School.  There are trips to monasteries and other holy places which are organised regularly.  Annual Tavli events and, this year, we held our first ‘Beat the Priest’ event; a fund raising weight lifting competition for good causes.

As ever, our ambitions are high.  This year we are hoping to host even more events; come and help us make it a brilliant year for the community of Orthodox Christians in and around the Golders Green area.  If you have any ideas you would like to contribute please contact the church.

We are always looking for new volunteers!  If you would like to contribute anything to your local church community, please contact one of the Parish Priests or join our Facebook group and leave a comment.