Mission Statement

As well as being committed to the local community we serve, The Holy Cross and Archangel Michael supports many other initiatives.  Please find a Mission Statement of each below.


Founded in 1979, the Fellowship is pan-Orthodox in scope. Working with the blessing of the local Orthodox hierarchs, we seek to promote contacts and co-operation between the Orthodox parishes and dioceses in Britain and Ireland. Through discussion and worship, in a spirit of mutual friendship, we aim to deepen our understanding of the one Orthodox faith that we all share, and so to strengthen our Orthodox unity. Orthodox Christians from other countries are also welcome to join the Fellowship.

At our residential conference each summer, at our study weekend each spring, and at the annual ‘Youth Celebration’, members of the Fellowship explore together how to practise our Orthodoxy in daily life and how to bear witness to it more effectively in contemporary society.

In addition to two annual publications, a Calendar and Lectionary and a Directory of Orthodox Parishes & Clergy in Britain & Ireland, the Fellowship publishes a Newsletter, Forerunner, for its members.

Contact the Fellowship: 26 Denton Close, Oxford OX2 9BW (bjg1@waitrose.com; www.ofsjb.org)

For details of the Fellowship Youth Group (18-35) and its programme – events, annual pilgrimage, etc., see: Orthodox Youth, or contact orthodoxyouthuk@yahoo.co.uk



“We affirm that the world, as God’s handiwork, has its own inherent integrity; that land, waters, air, forests, mountains and all creatures, including all humanity, are ‘good’ in God’s sight. The integrity of creation has a social aspect which we recognise as peace with justice, and an ecological aspect which we recognise in the self-renewing, sustainable character of natural ecosystems.

“We will resist the claim that anything in creation is merely a resource for human exploitation. We will resist species extinction for human benefit; consumerism and harmful mass production; pollution of land, air and waters; all human activities which are now leading to probable rapid climate change; and the policies and plans which contribute to the disintegration of creation.

“Therefore we commit ourselves to be members both of the living community of creation in which we are but one species, and of the covenant community of Christ; to be full co-workers with God, with moral responsibility to respect the rights of future generations; and to conserve and work for the integrity of creation both for its inherent value to God and in order that justice may be achieved and sustained.”

For more information on this issue, see our Environment Page.


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