If you attend our Church, you already participate in supporting the life of our community.  More importantly, we hope that you spiritually benefit and are growing in a life centered within The Church, with Christ as its head; everyone has a role to play in this body.
The Church’s life is centered around the Holy Liturgy, however, not confined to it solely.  For example, we also hold many events which are simply designed to enable the congregation to be together and enjoy each others company, growing together towards the Lord.  Fellowship is an important aspect of being a Christian.  Some saints have said, it is through our neighbour only where we can truly fulfill all the commandments of Christ, for without the presence of another, how can we love our neighbour?
If you like, you can register as a member and further support your community financially. Simply follow the link above, right click on the image and save as.  Then, print, fill out the form and pop it in the post to our address. There is a suggested donation of £15 a year, or £30 for a family.  However, you are free to donate whatever you are able.
Money is used to fund Church maintenance and projects only.  For example:
  • Youth project – £1600 per annum.  This includes Sunday School Resources, Youth Activity Days and outreach; most recently seen in our contribution to soup runs.
  • Repairs to the hall/church- £217,500 (this year)
  • Bills £2200 a month (approx)
  • Cleaning
(not a comprehensive list)
If you decided to donate annually, we will add your home address to our mailing list – this is kept strictly confidential.  You will receive a regular magazine on the life of our church.  However, if you would like to receive this anyway, simply send a letter of request to the church and we will happily send it to you.  The address found on our contact page. Or alternatively you can view it online.
Finally, if you decide to become a regular donor, we would kindly request that you fill out a Gift Aid Form and send it to us in the manner aforementioned.  Your donation is increased, by the government up to 25%, at no additional cost to you.  So for example, if you give £10, we receive an additional £2.50 at no extra cost.  It doesn’t seem like much, but it is greatly appreciated
Thank you,
The Greek Orthodox Church of The Holy Cross and Saint Michael